Tropical Chic Garden Wedding in Jamaica

In college Lloydiann focused too much on his earlier studies. But her roommate thought she would spend too much time in her dorm, so she introduced Lloydiann Trenton.

Trenton’s honest and funny personality helped them connect immediately. Years after, Trenton proposed in Washington, D.C. in front of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial!

Lloydiann is Jamaican, so they decided to get married in Jamaica to make sure their family could participate. Their beautiful and chic wedding ceremony and reception in the garden were set against the backdrop of lush tropical gardens with stunning views of the Caribbean Sea.

See all the gorgeous details below.

Quick Facts

Wedding theme: Tropical Chic Garden
Favorite products on the menu: Manish water
Wedding cake flavors: red velvet and Vanilla
Bridesmaids / groomsmen gifts: travel bags with their names on them
First dance song:” Guardian Angel ” by Ryan Leslie
Mother / son dance song: “By your Side” (Neptune’s remix )by Sade
Father / daughter dance song: “baby father” (edited by Sade

Tell us how you met.

We met in college, at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. My roommate thought I was spending too much time in our dorm room and introducing us. When we first met, he was very open, honest and funny, we spent the whole evening talking for hours. Since then, we have been inseparable.


It was a surprise, which is rare because Trenton can never keep a secret. For weeks he told me about a great Brunch in Washington DC, where he wanted to take me. In preparation for the event, he took me to do my nails, but I just had a pedicure, not a manicure, because he did not want me to be suspicious (usually I do not do my nails, so I did not consider it strange).

On the day of the proposal, he drove us to a random parking lot and said we were going to take an Uber to the site, but all the Uber we had requested cancelled us. It was a hot summer day and I got excited by the heat and he got nervous. In an attempt to calm me down, he decided to take pictures of me, which worked lol.

30 minutes after, we finally got an Uber and stopped at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial (his excuse for stopping there was to show me something). When we walked through the monument, the sun shone on us, I became more excited and hungrier (where is Brunch?). He persuaded me to take a picture in front of the monument, and then we leave. When he took the picture, he told me to turn around. When I turned around, I looked at a banner and said, ” Oh, someone is getting married,” and I started running away. He shouted: “No Sight!”. Looking again, I noticed that all our friends were holding the banner with the inscription” Say Yes ” lol. Then he got down on his knees and asked me to marry him.

Have you built a culture into your marriage?

I am Jamaican and Trenton is American, so we decided to have our wedding in Jamaica so that my family could be separated from it. We also integrated Jamaican/Caribbean culture into the food and music at the reception.

Arrangement for wedding parties: I decided to do something non-traditional and have my Cousins (three newlyweds and a bridesmaid) and my older brother (man of honor) as my wedding party. While the groom’s party included his brother (witness), High school Best Friend (witness) and college friends (witnesses).

Growing up, my Cousins and I were always close, no matter how far away Love is always there. The year before, I lost one of my Cousins, which led me to make the decision to have the people who were there from day one, outside of my wedding party. Family is everything.

Describe your favorite wedding dress and wedding accessories.

My wedding dress was a white / cashmere mermaid dress by Hayley Paige with white embroidery. My favorite accessories were my veil and the flower crown.

What is your best memory of your wedding?

My best memory of the wedding was the ceremony, surrounded by a beautiful garden, our friends and family was an amazing moment. Everything was beautiful.

What is the best marriage advice you can give to engaged couples?

Do what makes you happy, whether it’s a traditional or non-traditional wedding. Everyone will have an opinion about your marriage, but do what makes you and the groom happy.

It is good to have a wedding planner / coordinator who will help relieve Stress and keep you on track.

Let your wedding party know what your roles are, let them know the financial aspect of the role, and give them the opportunity to decide whether you want to continue to be separated from the wedding party or participate in the wedding as a guest. Being early with your wedding party in advance can help you avoid conflicts after.