Some Ideas To Make Simple Wall Hanging

Don’t you just like a project that can be completed in less than an hour, but it seems like it took you an eternity? This leather wall hanging is one of those projects. And adding DIY golden leather parts makes this simple wall hanging such a beautiful addition to a gallery wall. Not only was this quick to assemble, but it cost less than to do!


– tanned tool leather (you can find it in the craftsman’s shop. Tool leather is a stiffer leather that holds its shape well.)
– colored leather (Optional, but I liked the splash of color)
– hot melt adhesive films
– heat activated leaf blades of gold
– Scissors
– Clamp
– Gold Jewelry Eye Pins
– Iron
-1 / 4 ” Leather Puncher or Puncher
– one 12mm Gold Jump Ring

Step One: Start by cutting out shapes from the leather parts. Everything, from croissants, semicircles, circles, triangles to rectangles, works. Step Two: for Golden Leather Parts, cut their shape from the hot melt adhesive films and iron them with the adhesive side down on the low-adjustable leather for 4-5 seconds.

Step Three: once the hot melt has cooled, remove the paper backing to expose the glue on the leather. Cover with gold leaf and a piece of waste cloth and iron for another 4-5 seconds. Step Four: once cooled, remove the sheet of gold foil to reveal the new metal leather, then cut out the shapes with your scissors. Fifth step: once you have cut all your shapes and arranged them according to the pattern you like, use your hole punch or leather hole punch to make a hole in the top and bottom of each of the large pieces, and a hole in the thinnest pieces. Sixth stage: use your tweezers, to create large loops at each end of the eye pencils, and put the loops through the leather holes to connect all their parts. Add your big jump ring on top so you can hang your new leather wall hanging on the wall.I love the combination of metallic leather, colorful and beige, as well as any shapes that help it fit into my other geometric gallery wall pieces. I even think that it would look good if you made several to create a hanging phone as well! xo. Kara