Some Ideas To Create Your Own Bubble Bath Bars

If you ask me, one of life’s greatest pleasures is bathing in a large hot tub full of bubbles. The idea of a large foam bath is reminiscent of images of asterisks covered with fluffy foam and cooling down in cast-iron bathtubs with strangely perfect hair and makeup. Although I do not yet know such an idyllic bubble bath, I do not give up soon. My ambitions in bath time are alive and wearing well-which gives me a lot of motivation to try new bath and BODY RECIPES regularly.

I’ve been wanting to try a bubble bar recipe for quite a while, and when I found this one from Laura at Baking Outside the Box, I knew I had to try it. I tweaked the recipe a bit during my experiments, but what I liked most about Laura’s formula stayed in place. While many DIY bubble bar recipes use powdered detergents like SLS, these pretty little flower-shaped bars use a liquid bubble bath as their main ingredient. As a person with sensitive skin, I love this. I am very demanding when it comes to bubble bath, and I tend to avoid anything related to SLS, parabens or synthetic fragrances.

One thing to keep in mind is that bubble bath brands are very different when it comes to making bubbles. Natural brands and soft formulations tend to foam less than others because they often contain less aggressive ingredients. For the largest and fluffiest bubbles, use a brand like Mr. Bubble, known for its voluminous foam.

Adding color to your bubble bath bars is completely optional. In fact, I liked the bars best, which I left white. You don’t see it very well in the photos, but I added a little bit of cosmetic glitter to the white bars. You look so cute! I used a natural food coloring (I like this one) to color my other bars, and they produced really soft, earthy tones. If you want a brighter and rainbow-inspired color, you can use regular food dyes, soap dyes, or cosmetic mica dyes.

Most foam baths are fragrant, so this recipe can already have a mild fragrance of this ingredient. If you want a stronger fragrance, try adding a few drops of your favorite skin-friendly essential oil to this recipe. I added a little neroli essential oil to enhance the aroma of my bubble bars. They smell so good.


-1 ½ cup Baking Powder
-1 / 2 cup Cornstarch
-1 / 2 cup arrowroot powder
-2 Tablespoons of tartar
-3 / 4 cup liquid Bubble bath (I used this one)
-2 Tablespoons melted virgin coconut oil or shea butter
-2 Tablespoons vegetable glycerin
– Food coloring or soap, as required (Optional)
– 5-10 Drops of essential oil (Optional)
-4 Quart microwave safe bowl
– Moon Cake Mold
– Baking tray covered with silicone mat or wax paper
– Bags for Cello

First step: wipe the dry ingredients together And break as many lumps as possible. Then add the liquid ingredients (except dye or essential oil).

Step two: stir everything together, and then put it in the microwave for a minute. Pay attention to your bowl to ensure that it does not bubble on the sides. Mix the mixture thoroughly, then repeat again and again until the mixture thickens and begins to look like dough. After five microwave trips, my dough looked like this. It thickened, but looked more like dough than dough.

Step Three: keep the dough in the microwave, but reduce the time to 30 seconds for each turn. Continue to do this until the dough becomes noticeably thicker and stops sticking to the sides as easily. It will probably take another five to ten microwave trips to achieve this. Since the power of the microwaves varies, you simply need to keep an eye on them as you go.

Step four: divide the dough into four parts And spread it on a baking sheet, preferably with silpat sprinkled with a little cornstarch. Sprinkle another pinch of cornstarch on each piece of dough, then crush it flat to cool.

Step 5: let the dough cool to room temperature, then knead until it forms a smooth dough. If the dough seems too sticky, you can add a little extra cornstarch to dry it. To add color or fragrance, press your finger on a bump in the middle of the paste, and then add a few drops of dye or essential oil (or a large pinch of glitter). If you use natural dyes, make sure the dough is completely fresh before adding them, otherwise they could transform or disappear! Fold the ingredients into the dough. Then knead until well mixed. I recommend wearing gloves for this step to avoid staining your hands or being overexposed with essential oil.

Step Six: adjust the moon cake mold with the pad you want and click on it to fix it in place. Pack the mold with dough, and then press it to pack it tightly. Slide the bubble bath bars out of the mold and place them on your baking sheet so that they dry. I lined my sheet of wax paper at this point because I wanted to release my carpet, but you can use both for this step. If the bars on top or bottom are too sticky or stick in the mold, try sprinkling the paste with cornstarch before molding.

Step 7: Allow the bars to harden for 24 to 72 hours in a cool, dry place. They must be beautiful and firm when they are ready to be packed. Wrap them in cello bags to keep them cool.

To use it, crumble the bar under running water of the bath. Fluffy foam should form when the latch dissolves. Bubble bath bars make excellent party gifts and favors. Try to mix them into shapes of different shapes and different colors to make things. You can even garnish your bars with dried flowers or candy to make them even more adorable. xo. Maria Helena