Crafting Update – Sewing with Kids Easy Lavender Bags

I’m very interested in teaching myself all sorts of things.. and sewing is part of it. As long as you are interested, this is the matter. Some time ago, Red Ted and made small bags nature, which HE liked to do, so now I decided to sew Easy Lavender bags with him. I saw these lavender bags at Pink Pistachio and thought they were a perfect project for little hands (actually all hands, but also good for little ones). We have MUCH more simple sewing projects for kids! And if you are looking for a tip to teach children to sew, check it out!

  • Easy Lavender Bags-Materials

  1) Fabric falls approx.,
  2) Embroidery thread,
  3) Lavender,
4)  Needle and
5)  Tweezers (zigzag scissors)

NOTE: we found that some needles were easier to pass than others and that some fabrics were stiffer than others. So try different ones with your little ones and make the most difficult ones yourself. Everything that makes sewing easier for your child!

How to Make Your Lavender Bags Easy

1) cut your fabric for your simple lavender bag. We used clamping scissors because they prevent the fabric from fraying afterwards.

2) instead of stowing a knot at the beginning, leave a small piece of yarn to use at the beginning to tie at the end. Using a current stitch, sew 3 sides of your rectangle.. Do not worry that it will be too even, you will not notice shaky stitches at the end.

3) Fill your bag with lavender. Sew to the end, and then tie your two pieces of thread. It’s done!

Pretty! As with all the “new skills”, you need to give your child a chance to try again and again! Red Ted itself manages 1.5 pages of the first easy lavender bags. Then I got bored. The next day we made another bag of lavender simply together and it made a side. I sat down with him and talked to him through each point “a little high, a little low” I think he did a great job. He is only 4.5 years old and I am glad that he is even interested in trying. In no matter can he make a whole bag himself and so clean!! NOTE: I did most of the stitching. Do not be horrified if your child’s seam does not look like the above. These small lavender bags are ideal for any age group to try sewing. They are relatively simple, look cute and make great little gifts. Grandma will surely receive lavender bags for her birthday!